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About us

Aerosporting's custom engineered apparel allows us to apply our leading edge cycling technology to custom kit for individuals, corporate clients and professional teams. If you are interested in us quoting on your custom needs you've come to the right place.

Minimum quantity

The minimum ordering quantity for the Sport and Sport Plus range is 5 per item, for example this means an order can consist of only 5 jerseys or 5 jackets.

If you would like to order an individual Skinsuit or Speedsuit thats no problem we have some great garments to choose from.

Outside of this it is possible to to order lower quanities but unfortunately there is a surcharge associated with these orders as they are manufactured outside of the normal production process.

Orders for 1 to 4 of an individual garment will have a 40% surcharge applied

Place your order


Contact us via phone or email


Once we know the items required & due date we will send a quote


When you are happy with the quote, you make payment (50%) and supply logos, colours etc...


After payment we will start design. this takes only one working day


The design are signed off by client. We allow 2 reverts before additional costs are incurred

6: PRODUCTION STARTSOnce we have received signify production starts, the production process can take 35 - 40 working days

Our catalog

Kid collection for child only

Lady collection with relax and race fit

Dynamic collection with relax kit

Race collection for long distance

Aero collection with race kit

Ultralight collection with confort and light feel

Winter collection  with jacket and bib tight

Skinsuit collection full or short sleeves

Leisurewear with hoodies en polos

If you want to see our full catalog and price, please write us :

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